What are you doing Developers???

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  1. Probol


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    Oppo F5
    All the other brand compare to OPPO F5 will get update oreo but we still do not think about this.Our Developers do not even think about this matter.I brought this brand from my faith in it.But we still do not get oreo update. Seriously Developers what are you all Doing ????
    If you give me an update on OPPO F5 please tell me about that.If you answer in no then tell me about it i will shift from OPPO F5 ...
    So tell me about this ...... please please please !!!!
    Sửa lần cuối: 13/1/18
  2. Service Club

    Service Club Nhân Viên CSKH
    OPPO's Staff

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    Dear Mr. Probol
    Now there is no new information to upgrade Android 8.0 for F5.
    OPPO had developed & customized ColorOS firmware based Android .To do this, the OPPO developers must make a lot of effort in developing and testing before introducing the latest version of Color OS to customers.
    OPPO's top priority is to ensure a stable operating system that delivers the best customer experience. Therefore, OPPO does not want to rush to upgrade Android instead of the current version. We will noted your idea and send to developers. Thank your idea !